aNAME: Douglas Coffman


FUN FACT: Douglas finished his plate of wings in just seven minutes which, as you may know, meant he had to hold on for another eight minutes while the clock counted down to zero! "Get some!" an excited Doug said after the clock ran out. What a hard fought victory!


aNAME: Larry Fraser


FUN FACT: Larry came in with his brother Michael to attempt the challenge, but in the end he was the only one to come out victorious. He was quoted saying that the challenge was a "Walk in Park!"


aNAME: Shawn Sullivan

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Friday, February 17

FUN FACT: Shawn said the "wings are actually delicious!" and seemed to have a slightly easier time with them than his buddy Nick. As evidenced by the entry below, they both managed to pass the test. Shawn even said he felt totally fine afterward. That's the sort of competitor that is tailor made for the annual 2012 GWC Finals!


aNAME: Nick Noble

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Friday, February 17

FUN FACT: Nick and his buddy Shawn figured attempting the Ghost Wings Challenge would be the ideal way to kick off their weekend. Having finished his plate, he just may have been right! "Good flavor on the wings makes it easier to take the heat!" added Nick. Hopefully the rest of his weekend was just as thrilling!


aNAME: Aaron Foster


FUN FACT: Aaron and his friends bellied up the the bar at Girvan Grille, and as he hunkered down to attempt the Challenge, a patron bet him a beer he couldn't complete it! So not only did he have the sense of satisfaction of emerging victorious, he was also rewarded with a free frosty brew! "Be happy", Aaron added. On this fine day, he had many reasons to!


aNAME: Brent Holt

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Wednesday, February 15

FUN FACT: Brent didn't struggle much with the challenge, but his friend Benny seemed to be having sympathy pains, as he was sweating and squirming just from watching Brent participate! "Being from Florida, I figured this would be the best way to warm up in Minnesota", Brent said. Well, that's one creative method!


aNAME: Chris Kent

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Sunday, February 5

FUN FACT: Chris powered through his wings, but left about three minutes remaining. After waiting out that tense period, his beer disappeared pretty quickly! He said the wings were much hotter than other challenges he's attempted. He also remarked that the Ghost Wings "Got rid of my stuffy nose!". Unexpected bonus!


aNAME: Nathan Jones

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Friday, January 27

FUN FACT: Sure to be embarrassed if he didn't match his wife Kelly in completing the challenge, Nathan also rose to the occasion on his birthday. What a tough couple! "Dear stomach and colon, I'm sorry! Sincerely, Nathan", he said afterward. Ouch! Nice job you two!



aNAME: Kelly Jones

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Friday, January 27

FUN FACT: Our first lady challenger in quite some time, Kelly accompanied her husband and competed in the challenge as his birthday request! What a gal! She did successfully complete it, but eventually stated "It doesn't feel like victory". Ominous words!


aNAME: Alexander Back

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Friday, January 27

FUN FACT: So pleased was Alex with his efforts that he celebrated his completion of his wings by licking his plate clean! Not something you see every day! He must be steeling himself for the 2012 GWC Championships, as he ultimately proclaimed "NEXT!". Bold stuff, Alexander!


aNAME: Jerome Bozic

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Thursday, January 26

FUN FACT: Jerome came in with a couple of friends, one of which attempted the challenge with him and failed, and the other cheering them both on. "It's been 20 minutes and my hands are still tingling!" he added afterward. Now you have eternal bragging rights among your friends!


aNAME: Greg Wissinger

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Sunday, January 15

FUN FACT: Greg performed the challenge with a ton of gusto, proudly proclaiming "That was a nice warmup plate-- when do the really hot ones come out?" He finished the plate in six minutes and licked his fingers afterward! If only it looked so easy to everyone! Great job Greg!


aNAME: Phill Blomberg

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Thursday, December 29

FUN FACT: Phill and his buddy were searching high and low for a challenge of this nature, and lucked upon Girvan Grille! Phill was taken aback by having to wait out the heat at the end of the challenge, saying he was happy he didn't have to participate in a photoshoot directly after! "It's only good sailing from here" he added, still a bit dizzy from the experience!


aNAME: Frank Talach

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Friday, December 23

FUN FACT: Frank says he has been around 3/4 of the globe and has never experienced anything as hot as our Ghost Wings. WOW! "Eat your heart out!" he told his friends after accomplishing the task at hand. What a ringing endorsement!


aNAME: Chris Shofner

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Thursday, December 29

FUN FACT: Chris is the brother in law of one Christopher Graber; the reigning King of the Ghost Wings! Chris accompanied Chris to his stake at the challenge, possibly serving as a good luck charm. "I used to do a little but a little wasn't doin so a little got more and more" said Chris. A little GNR reference that goes hand in hand with the Ghost Wings Challenge. We like it!


aNAME: Josiah Bennett

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Saturday, December 3rd

FUN FACT: So pleased was Josiah with his performance and how good the wings taste, that he seemed to think they should be renamed in his honor! "Ghost Wings?", he remarked-- "Call them Josiah's Wings!". On this day, December the 3rd, 2011, they were!


aNAME: Matt Hilliard

DATE ACCOMPLISHED: Saturday, November 26

FUN FACT: Matt was initially upset at the news that he would be unable to use a fork for the challenge. He even considered not participating, but it's a good thing he did it anyway-- as he emerged victorious in front of his adoring friends!